Level 4 Resources

Online Resources

The Ventures Teacher Resource Room is an online collection of supplemental materials for the Ventures curriculum that are provided online as downloadable PDFs. These worksheets and activities are intended to be used for enrichment and supplemental practice for students. They can be incorporated into a daily lesson, or can be assigned as homework.The Teacher Resource Room (TRR) can be accessed online (after a simple registration) at:


To find materials for your class, use the search functions on the left-hand side to find materials for your class level, unit, and/or lesson. You can also search by resource type.

General Resources include: Self-assessments, projects, collaborative activity worksheets, real-life documents, audio scripts, and Add worksheets.

Level-specific resources include:

  • Writing worksheets for Literacy
  • Picture dictionary materials for Basic, Level 1, and Level 2
  • Extended reading worksheets for Level 3 and Level 4

Other supplemental materials include (but are not limited to!):

  • Civics worksheets – reproducible worksheets useful for incorporating civic education and engagement into regular class lessons, and preparing students for the U.S. citizenship test.  
  • Career and Educational Pathways – an 8 step program that helps students to actively take part in building a career and educational portfolio that highlights the pathways they need to follow to succeed. The 8 step program has been adapted for each level, and there is a level-appropriate set of 8 worksheets for each Ventures level of instruction. These worksheets can be found at: 


Downloadable Resources

Low Prep Activities
This document contains a collection of activities that you can use in class which require little to no preparation time.
Low Prep Activities.doc
Microsoft Word Document 59.0 KB
Activities for Objectives
This document contains a list of various activities that you can use in class to help support your lesson objectives. These activities can be adapted to and included in nearly any lesson!
Objectives to Activities Cheat Sheet.doc
Microsoft Word Document 28.0 KB